Our Children

We are blessed with children who are vibrant, enthusiastic and loving. They come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and are committed to sharing their experiences with their peers and teachers alike.

Our pupils approach all their work with a positive attitude and show great awareness of the needs of others, not only within our school community but across the wider communities of the world. They demonstrate a most generous nature in a range of fund-raising activities and are only too keen to know and understand more about ways in which they can help others.

In school, our pupils take in part in a wide range of support groups which develop interpersonal skills. Such groups include:

  • ECO Warriors
  • School Council
  • House Captains
  • Prefects
  • Young Leaders
  • Class Ambassadors
  • Peer Mediators
  • Singing Playground Leaders

School Council

Our School Council consists of two representatives each from Year 1 up to Year 6.

We meet every two weeks to discuss issues that affect us in school and share ideas about things we want to change or improve in our school.

We get involved in most decisions made in school. It is our school and we take responsibility for making sure that every child is heard.

Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators.

Peer Mediators are specially trained pupils who make themselves available at break times on both main playgrounds. These children offer help and support to their peers in guiding them toward peaceful solutions to any problems they may have.

The group is guided by an adult member of staff. Training takes place annually and experienced mediators then develop the skills of new volunteers.

Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors.

Eco Warriors help us to make our school environmentally-friendly by recycling materials, checking up on teachers and children remembering to turn off lights and machines, making sure doors are closed to keep heat inside and reminding people to turn off taps safely.

House Captains

We elect House Captains and Vice-Captains every year from our friends in Year 6. They have to lead us by setting the best example in work and behaviour.

We earn points in all sorts of ways and the best house each week looks after a special trophy and a teddy bear.