Snippets of News

Tennis Tournament Qualifiers

28 April 2016

Four of our children (two from Year 3 and two from Year 4) have qualified to participate in the LTA Mini Red Tennis tournament at the Birmingham Level 3 City Games on Friday 8 July.

They played 12 other teams from eight schools and came top in this part of the competition.

We are very proud of our sporty children who always give their best performances. We will keep you informed of the outcome of the tournament on 8 July - keep your fingers crossed!

A Letter from Her Majesty, the Queen

Year 1 sent a Happy Birthday card to the Queen..

21 April 2016

The children in Year 1 sent a 90th birthday card to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Imagine the excitement when an envelope, bearing the royal crest and postmarked Buckingham Palace, was received on Friday and taken straight to the classroom.

The children were thrilled to receive a reply from the Queen. The letter was taken to every class and read out to the pupils, every one of whom was delighted with the exciting news.

Riverside Theatre Visitors

Performers from Riverside Theatre.

14 December 2013

This group of talented actors is always welcome in our school.

The performances and workshops always bring special messages as well as lots of fun.

Road Safety Design Competition

Winning road safety banner.

10 January 2013

One of our Year 2 pupils was delighted to win this competition with her banner design.

Her parents and brothers were so proud of her achievement and the banner was displayed on the railings outside school in order to remind everyone of the importance of taking care when driving.