The school provides Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children with opportunities to participate in organised events, such as dance, football, basketball, netball, athletics, tennis, rounders, tag rugby, percussion tuition, flute tuition, 'Magical Maths' and other activities as they arise.

In addition, SATs and computer clubs are popular features of our extra-curricular activities for pupils.

Clubs are led by a mixture of volunteer staff and parents plus specialist football and tennis coaches.


Our photographs show some of the exciting activities in which children can be involved.

Computer Club is great fun.
Mrs 'Lovely' teaches us Street Dance skills.

Mr Mahon helps with our aiming and throwing.
Art and DT activities are led by Mrs Halford and Miss Harrison.

We use 'Strictly Come Dancing' to help with our dance skills.
Scrabble is really popular.

Fred talking and blending are making us all into wonderful readers.
Scoring in netball.

We are proud of our achievements.
We have collected lots of trophies over the years.