Our Staff

Meet the staff of St. Augustine's - as seen through the eyes of our children!

Mrs Adilypour
by Sianna

Mrs Beet
by India

Mr L Berry
by Gurjot

Mr S Berry
by Sian

Mrs Chana
by Zara

Mrs Clayton
by Emilia

Mr Crawford
by Frankie

Mrs Delahaye
by Katy

Mrs Figgins
by Phillip

Miss Garratt
by Julia

Mrs Halford
by Amy

Miss Hancock
by Chenique

Mrs Hyland
by Amol

Mr Jones
by Avijeet

Mrs Kasperkiewicz
by Jason

Mrs Kumari
by Daphnee

Mrs Mahay
by Benedicta

Miss D Mahon
by Oskar

Mr S Mahon
by Khaya

Miss McGrath
by Deanna

Mrs Morris
by William

Mrs Muzika
by Aaron

Mrs Porter
by Alexandra

Mr Pritchard
by Eryk

Miss Reid
by Wiktoria

Mr Smith
by Dylan

Mrs M Stanley
by Hoa

Mrs Tovey-Jones
by Oliwier

Mrs Tran
by Theo

Mrs Warren
by Nikola

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs M Stanley Headteacher, DSL Safeguarding
Miss A McGrath Deputy Headteacher, SENDCO, DSL Safeguarding
Mr L Berry Teacher
Mrs A Clayton Teacher
Mrs S Delahaye Teacher, DSL Safeguarding
Miss K Garratt Teacher, Physical Education
Mrs M Hyland Teacher, TLR English, DSL Safeguarding
Mr P Jones Teacher
Mrs L Tran Teacher, TLR Science, Read Write Inc Manager, DSL Safeguarding
Mrs R Warren Teacher, TLR Mathematics, DSL Safeguarding
Mr I Smith Intervention Teaching Staff
Mrs S Tovey-Jones Intervention Teaching Staff
Mrs K Adilypour Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Beet Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Chana Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Halford Teaching Assistant, SEND
Miss J Hancock Teaching Assistant, SEND
Mrs M Kumari Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Mahay Teaching Assistant
Miss D Mahon Teaching Assistant
Mr S Mahon Teaching Assistant
Ms D Muzika Teaching Assistant
Mrs MA Porter Teaching Assistant, Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr S Berry Learning Mentor, IT Technician
Mr C Pritchard Learning Mentor
Mrs M Figgins Bursar
Miss S Reid Secretary
Mr T Crawford Caretaker
Mrs V Morris Cook in Charge