Year 1

In Year 1 during the Autumn Term, we continue with the Early Years Foundation Stage approach of integrated learning experiences. This helps to settle the pupils into Key Stage One. We teach through topics and pupils are encouraged to access activities independently and participate in teacher-led activities.

In the Spring Term the class has a more formal approach to learning and teaching: pupils are asked to work on their own, in pairs and in groups. Again, we encourage independence with all activities.

During the year, we invite parents to a Christmas Performance with Year 2, a Reading Together Project which continues from Reception and Read Write Inc workshops to further shared understanding of our phonics programme and provide parents with more guidance to assist children in their language and reading development.

Homework is considered to be an important element of the child’s learning experience. Weekly homework will typically include reading, spelling and either a piece of English or Mathematics.

Our Learning

See what we are learning this term in our Curriculum Information Map.