Year 2

Within Year 2, provision is made for both individual and group work which allow chances for pupils to develop further as independent and responsible learners.

Children are given the opportunity to develop to the full their personal, intellectual and artistic capabilities. They undertake a full range of activities and experience both English and Mathematics on a daily basis. Some work is delivered through topics, whilst other aspects are dealt with on a subject basis. Our phonics learning continues with workshops for parents in order to provide more detailed guidance in how to support the Read Write Inc programme. Children also commence weekly French lessons.

Year 2 completes Key Stage 1, with formal assessments giving the children the opportunity to show how much they know. Children are given opportunities to practise for these assessments as part of their normal work programme and, as a result, should not find the formal experience of assessment a worry.

Homework is considered to be an important element of the child's learning experience. Weekly homework will typically include either a piece of English or Science work, Mathematics, Spelling and Reading.

All of these activities help to further develop the children’s sense of responsibility and their independence as learners.

Our Learning

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