Year 4

Year 4 is a time when children really feel settled in the key stage. They are reminded from the very beginning that we all have special gifts inside us and we should use them with enthusiasm and be willing to share our gifts with others (1Timothy 4:14).

Pupils in Year 4 are encouraged to think about the Year 3 children and help them to adjust to the changes in their school day.

Whilst further developing a growth in independence, pupils are actively encouraged to take ownership of their learning by familiarising themselves with their targets and expected levels of achievement. The curriculum is fun-filled in all subject areas. In Religious Education, in particular, Old Testament studies are undertaken and children have a thoroughly enjoyable time listening to and taking part in those fantastic stories, at the same time learning about the people of God.

We encourage all the children to engage in a variety of learning styles. We have a particular focus on multiplication tables in order to prepare children for the national assessment of this area in the summer term. Computing skills are used to access a range of learning whilst sharing such skills as thinking and understanding with others is actively promoted. All pupils have many opportunities to talk about their work and feed back to others in the class.

Our Learning

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